We are experts in XFS and J/XFS

Thirty years of work with XFS and J/XFS speaks for itself. We are part of the European Committee for Standardization that defines XFS. Contact us at info@serquo.com

Service Provider Development

Our XFS Service Provider development framework means we can quickly create SPs that are compatible with XFS3.X and XFS4IoT.

We are a software company, so we have developed SPs for many different manufacturers over the years. Our SPs have been integrated and are operating with different applications from different providers.

Our experience with manufacturers and highly varied applications gives us a cross-cutting perspective of XFS.

Our QA team, specialised in financial facilities, guarantees that our SPs are fully compliant with the standard.

For further information, please see (XFS testing, validation, and integration) or email us at info@serquo.com

XFS testing, validation, and integration

We have the knowledge, the tools, and the specialised team necessary to carry out QA, approval, and certification processes for all XFS Service Providers. We validate that your Service Providers properly adapt to the standard.

For further information (Serquo XFS Tester)

We also offer support services for SP validation and integration with third-party XFS applications. XFS middlewares often abstract to the application and it is not easy for application developers and manufacturers or XFS Service Providers to understand what is happening. Our experience with dozens of applications, middlewares, and ATM brands helps us to find possible errors the most efficient way possible.

We have our own tools to professionalize ATM testing. For more information, see our ATM simulator (Atmirage) or our ATM testing professionalization tool (Qarterback), or send us an email at info@serquo.com

XFS training

We offer XFS courses based on the client’s needs.

Our courses are flexible. They can focus on SP development, XFS-based application development, or trace analysis and troubleshooting in XFS settings.

All our training courses are practical and participatory. We firmly believe that the best way to learn is with your hands on the keyboard.

We have been offering remote courses since 2020. They have received excellent reviews from participants.

For further information on XFS training, please write to us at info@serquo.com

Atmirage: XFS simulator

Our ATM simulator means that you can test any XFS-based application manually and automatically.

With Atmirage, you can entirely simulate a physical ATM. It supports all kinds of devices on the market and requires no changes in the application.

With Atmirage, you can conduct both manual and automatic tests, guaranteeing the quality of your self-service application.

Here is our product website with more information on Atmirage.

Or for further information, you may write to us at info@serquo.com

Dwide: XFS Middleware

Our middleware means you can abstract your application to XFS, using top-level programming languages.

This middleware means you can develop applications with the freedom to choose the best technology and language, and developers do not require specialised XFS knowledge.

For further information, please write to us at info@serquo.com

Qarterback: QA in ATMs

Our ATM testing professionalization tool.

Qarterback easily and precisely defines test cases that must be executed on a self-service application. When test cases are executed, Qarterback generates detailed reports on the tests, reducing errors in the QA process.

Here is our product website with more information on Qarterback, or for further information, you may write to us at info@serquo.com

Serquo XFS Tester

Our XFS Service Provider test solution tests your Service Providers at bottom level to facilitate their development or QA process.

Our tester also generates detailed reports on all commands, parameters, responses, and events that were tested in order to prevent loss of information among different devices.

For further information, please write to us at info@serquo.com

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