We are passionate
about our work

What if you joined a company
where anything is possible?

Choose how you want to work

We provide our workers with competitive equipment, adapted to each project's needs

We give you the freedom to work with the platform you are most comfortable with (Linux, Windows or Mac).

We provide peripherals that make your job more comfortable: an external screen that measures at least 27", a trackpad, and more.

We adapt to your needs

The most important part of Serquo is its people, which is why we want to make your life easier

Flexible compensation plan that includes restaurant vouchers, nursery vouchers and medical insurance.

Flexible start and end times, and family/work balance measures

Remote work once per week

Shortened workday on Fridays and in summer

Give and receive training

We think being up-to-date is very important. This is why we want you to keep learning and to have a space where you can share everything you know.

You will have at your disposal an economic fund destined exclusively to your training that you can invest in the technical areas, soft skills, languages, events, seminars, meetups or hackathons that interest you the most.

We hold technical talks given by colleagues.

We subsidize relevant events to drive our employees' professional development.


We have the best working environment

We work with a very horizontal hierarchy, where everyone has a voice.

We develop onboarding plans to make it easier for employees to join us.

Team building activities

Community amongst all employees

We create the best working environment possible.

Over the past two years,
the number of women on our team
has grown by 27%.

Over the past three years,
our team has grown by 21%.

86% of our employees' contracts are permanent.

the team

  • Daniel
  • Juan José
  • Estela
  • Germán
  • Jose Román
  • Jorge
  • Josevi
  • Ignacio
  • Fernando
  • Ricardo
  • Adrián
  • Alberto
  • Máximo
  • Andrea
  • Lucía
  • Gema
  • Alejandro
  • Victoria
  • Javier
  • Antonio
  • Ana María
  • Gabriel
  • Daniel
  • Emmanuel
  • Carlos
  • Alfonso
  • Ana
  • Ana
  • Fernando
  • David
  • Azahara
  • Eduardo
  • Efraim
  • Jennifer
  • Javier
  • Matías
  • Jorge
  • Sergio
  • Rubén
  • Guillermo
  • Jose Luis
  • Xavier
  • Marcos
  • Araceli
  • Galia
  • Jaime
  • María Ángeles
  • Pontus
  • Jesús
  • Jesús
  • Carlos
  • Adrián
  • Jose Manuel
  • Neila
  • Daniel
  • Antonio
  • Jose Antonio
  • Román
  • Sergio
  • Raquel
  • Santi
  • David
  • Rodrigo
  • Concepción
  • Sonia
  • Jesús
  • Raúl
  • Manuel
  • Joaquín
  • Victor
  • Óscar
  • Jaime
  • Cristina
  • Angélica
  • Luis Miguel
  • Luis Miguel
  • Carlos
  • Luis
  • Santiago
  • Toni
  • Álvaro
  • Juan
  • Miguel
  • Natalia
  • Álvaro
  • David
  • Ana
  • Antonio
  • Francisco
  • Adrián
  • Carlos
  • Ione
  • Jorge
  • Patricia
  • Ángel
Serquo member thumbnail

"What I most like about working at Serquo is that there is a wonderful working environment, and collaborative learning is encouraged."

Angélica. Developer.

"I love the trust they place in each one of us to move the projects forward. What's more, they don't look at just one person when something goes wrong. Rather, as a team, we try to find a solution and use the experience to learn a lesson."

Álvaro. Developer.

"I love that Serquo is part of my professional and personal growth."

Edu. Developer.

"What I like most about Serquo is how they invest in human capital, and the energy they pour both into the projects and into the working environment."

Manuel. Developer.

"I very much appreciate the great collaboration and interaction at a technical level between all the departments."

Alberto. Developer.

What are you
passionate about?

A strong international presence and excellent work environment make Serquo the best company for professional development. We are leaders in our sector, and we want the best talent on our team so we can keep meeting the challenges our clients give us, anywhere in the world.

Programador Fullstack

  • Fullstack
  • Nodejs
  • React

Conocimientos técnicos:


  • NodeJS y React.
  • Fuerte experiencia con React, React Native y NodeJS y PostgreSQL


  • MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis
  • Integraciones con terceros via servicios REST o SOAP.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Realización de tests unitarios, de integración , end to end etc.

Obligatorio: disponibilidad para hacer guardias. Remuneradas aparte.

Importante que haya testeado

Teletrabajo 100%.

Puedes escribirnos al siguiente email: talent@serquo.com

Programador Senior Backend

  • Backend
  • Java
  • Microservicios
  • Senior
  • Spring

Buscamos un programador Senior Backend con experiencia en Java,  Microservicios, Spring Boot, Test Unitarios y Metodologías Agile para el sector bancario.

Puedes escribirnos al siguiente email: talent@serquo.com

Desarrollador Fullstack

  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • Fullstack
  • Nodejs

Desarrollador Fullstack especializado en back-end, con experiencia en desarrollo Javascript en servidor (Nodejs), ECMAScript 6 o superior.

– Experiencia desarrollo microservicios en arquitecturas serverless: AWS lambda
– Experiencia en integraciones SSO basadas en OpenID, Oauth y SAML.
– GIT, JIRA, Agile, TDD – Test driven development (unit test, mock), base datos no relacionales.

– Definición e implementación de APIs REST.
– Devops, integración continua.

Puedes escribirnos al siguiente email: talent@serquo.com

Programador Backend Senior en Python

  • Backend
  • Django
  • Python

-Conocimientos en framework como Flash o Django
-Experiencia con Test Unitarios
-Experiencia con Base de Datos MongoDB
-Experiencias con metodologías Agile
-Apasionado de las tecnologías
-Persona proactiva y resolutiva
-Valorable experiencia en Machine Learning

Puedes escribirnos al siguiente email: talent@serquo.com

AI engineer

  • deep learning
  • machine learning
  • Python

We are looking for an AI engineer to join into an international company.

Our client is creating a passionate and engaging culture that combines cutting-edge research and product-led engineering to provide a supportive balance of structure and flexibility. They are looking for colleagues passionate about bringing cutting-edge AI to industrial problems.

The Job role Includes

  • Implementing and parallelizing deep learning methods for predicting geophysical dynamics, with a current focus heavily towards particular oil reservoir dynamics.
  • Interfacing with the software engineering team who are continuously enhancing our PROTEUS platform for our customers in the energy sector.
  • Leading research in one of the most promising startup in USA


  • PhD or equivalent practical experience
  • High level of coding skills in python
  • Preferred programming languages: Pytorch. A proven track of previous experience in AI development.
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • Knowledge of AI such as deep learning, deep reinforcement learning
  • Experience in parallel programming and high-performance computing
  • Experience with debugging GPU performance issues.
  • A real passion for AI
  • Experiences solving differential equations and physical problems

Preferred Qualifications

  • PhD in machine learning, neuroscience, or computer science
  • Knowledge in physical problems such as fluid dynamics or reservoir simulation
  • Published papers within deep learning, or machine learning generally
  • Published papers within deep learning in applied areas such as the energy industry
  • Experience with programming in C/C++.
  • Experience with coding GPUs (CUDA)



Arquitecto Senior Software

Buscamos para integrarse en el departamento de Arquitectura de Software de uno de nuestros principales clientes del sector Retail un:

  • Al menos ocho años de experiencia en Java y el ecosistema de Spring (Data, Boot, Cloud, …) con perfil muy valorable fullstack
  • Experiencia demostrable con arquitecturas distribuidas, basadas en microservicios, con comunicación de mensajes a través de Kafka y consistencia eventual de datos
  • Entendimiento de arquitecturas Data Centric basadas en Streaming de datos en tiempo real y capacidad de ingesta de datos en el orden de las decenas o cientos de millones de elementos
  • Cloud Native Applications y despliegues híbridos y elásticos en la nube (Azure, AWS, GCP)
  • Perfil Hands-On, autónomo, netamente técnico y con ganas de bucear en el código y programar como parte de su día a día. Gente a la que le guste el reto a nivel tecnológico y no tema enfrentarse a problemas nuevos e investigar
  • Ganas de incorporarse a un proyecto de largo plazo, core dentro de la organización, con un equipo grande y multi-disciplinar (DevOps, AF, QA, …), desarrollado bajo metodologías Agile, con entregas parciales, iterando sobre la solución existente

Puedes escribirnos al siguiente email: talent@serquo.com