Branch Devices

We have been one of the leading companies in the industry for the past 25 years. We provide solutions to all financial device connectivity or ATM needs.


We provide connectivity solutions to integrate into all kinds of hardware. We cover a wide range of devices and models from different manufacturers.

What is it?

Created in 1998 by the European Committee for Standardisation, the financial device standard for Java is still one of the most widely-used to make banking-branch applications independent from the different device models.

Xpring is our J/XFS solution.


Streamlined developments in J/XFS

What is it?

Xpring is a solution that streamlines J/XFS-based development for applications, drivers and Device Services, facilitating integration with financial devices such as recyclers, printers and card readers.

It includes:

Xpring DS
A broad range of Device Services that have already been developed and approved at different institutions, providing for a vast selection of devices (bill recyclers, financial printers, check readers, receipt printers or scanners, among others).

Xpring IDE
A set of tools integrated into one sole Eclipse plug-in, providing configuration solutions, unitary testing, device simulation, creation of drop-down modules and editing print forms.

Xpring Templates
Templates so that the clients can develop their own Device Services. This is a set of Java modules and basic classes to streamline the development of Device Services for new devices.


Java middleware to facilitate application development on J/XFS, moving away from the complexity of J/XFS’ classes and event management.

At Serquo, J/XFS Device Services are developed in pure Java, which provides operating system independence. Moreover, it allows vendor-agnostic solutions (same interface, regardless of the model). This therefore reduces costs when integrating new devices.


100% J/XFS, 100% Java

Independent from the operating system and the hardware manufacturer

Development environment (IDE) integrated into Eclipse, easy-to-use, with test and configuration features, documentation and tracing for each Device Service (Driver)

Broad range of Device Services for a vast selection of devices

Simple licensing by device type, not by workstation

Source code may be obtained, if desired

Easy to add new Device Services and devices


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