Branch Devices

We have been one of the leading companies in the industry for the past 25 years. We provide solutions to all financial device connectivity or ATM needs.


We provide connectivity solutions to integrate into all kinds of hardware. We cover a wide range of devices and models from different manufacturers.

What is it?

The cash recycler is an essential element at any bank branch, and increasingly so in other environments to securely handle cash. One of our specialties is integrating these devices with the client’s application in a simple way.

Plug&Cash is our solution for simple recyclers integration.


Recyclers and dispensers integration

What is it?

Plug&Cash is a solution developed in Java that provides easy, transparent and fast integration for all cash devices (recyclers and dispensers at  financial terminals).


Operative: It provides a simple way to access the cash device from the terminal application, providing access to simple operations, such as:

– Withdrawals

– Deposits

– Alarm activation or deactivation

– Alarm status verification

Maintenance: Several functions:

– Configure the device and the workstation, as well as the application

– View totals and accounting balance

– View electronic journal

– Load and Unload cash

– Start and End of the day

– Empty

– Statistical Information


It is compatible with any device model

It is independent from the application’s language and the operating system

It is 100% adaptable to any client need, both in terms of the graphic interface and functionality


It automatically generates the statistics required by banking authorities (such as the Bank of Spain)

Notes are handled pursuant to regulations in the euro area’s recycler framework


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