Payment solutions

We are specialists in payment solutions and transactional applications. We have in-depth knowledge of main payment schemes and protocols.

Bank protocol implementation

We can help you to implement any financial transaction protocol, such as ISO8583 / ISO20022, as well as to implement more generic protocols.

Development of payment gateways, acquiring and issuing systems on different platforms

We have many years of experience developing transactional systems on different platforms. We can help you with all kinds of development in payment solutions.

Specialized consulting

We provide specialized consulting in payment solution environments. We are experts in cryptography, EMV and payment systems.

Application and system audits

We conduct technical audits on transactional environments. We verify different dimensions of systems: architecture, performance, software quality, etc.

Transactional simulation

We have cutting-edge tools for regression and certification tests. We can customize them to adapt to all standards and needs.


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