We go with you on your journey to the cloud

Moving to cloud

Reduction of time and physical resources (20% to 90%)

It is estimated that the reduction of time and resources by working in the cloud is between 20% to 90% in Maintenance, Provisioning, Scaling of the applications

Reduce management from 30% to 50%

Reduce team hours spent on infrastructure management and monitoring (from 30% to 50%)

Reduction of physical space

Reduction of the physical space needed to maintain servers (between 50% and 70%), with the necessary security

Increased scalability

You can scale your business without any worries at any time.

Back-up copies

Automate backups more easily and quickly. Secure your business.

Increased availability

High availability of the service. The service depends on a big company (cloud).


What do we do?

Migration of applications, functionalities and services to public or private clouds

What do we do?

Installation (IaaS) on a machine in the cloud, new development or migration using specialised services (PaaS)

Migration of a running application
Development of an application using specialised services in a public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google cloud...) or private cloud

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