Legacy Evolution

We maintain and develop your applications


Invest in security

By resolving vulnerabilities and bugs, as well as updating technology, you will significantly increase the security of your products and services

Improve your services

Add value to your customers by improving your solutions, offering new functionalities, being more competitive, centralising your information, etc.

Don't put your business at risk

Lack of maintenance in your applications can paralyse your services.

...and improve on everything else

Improve performance, reduce development times, create a more attractive application for developers and users or expand your usage channels.

From fixing bugs to complete control of the application

We can perform an analysis of the current status, security audits, corrective maintenance (bug fixes) or evolutionary maintenance (small evolutions on the application)

Technological migration. Partial or total:

We offer a progressive process, with the new part coexisting with the legacy part. No loss of service at any time.

Modern architectures. Migrate to technologies with a long-term expected lifecycle and 100% Cloud-ready.




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