Renovite Technologies and Cashware’s new strategic partnership boosts customers’ ATM testing capability

Cashware –  Renovite – ATMirage


Two leading global payment technology specialists have announced a distribution agreement which will bolster their end-to-end ATM application testing capability.

Cloud and payment specialist Renovite Technologies and self-service technology experts Cashware have announced they have concluded a strategic agreement allowing Renovite to integrate and licence Cashware’s ‘ATMirage’ tool as an embedded component of its existing cloud-native ATM testing solution, Reno-Test.

By integrating ATMirage, Renovite has removed the need for a physical ATM terminal to be present during testing. Using virtualisation, the application mimics different conditions in XFS thereby allowing testers to simulate and automate any component of the payment cycle. This will significantly speed up the testing process, lower costs, and guaranteeing high quality, meaningful test results for financial organisations.

The agreement comes at a pivotal time for the ATM industry. It’s industry body ATMIA (ATM Industry Association) launched a major new initiative last month to define a vision for the future of ATMs, including producing a detailed architectural blueprint of which Renovite was named as the first ‘champion’.

Jim Tomaney, chief operating officer at Renovite Technologies, commented:

“Our strategic agreement with Cashware complements our existing cloud-native end-to-end testing application, Reno-Test. By integrating ATMirage, test managers can track test messages through the entire enterprise, significantly improving the quality of their test results. The partnership will give our clients total confidence in their products before going to market and will guarantee their customers have a good experience.”

“Demand for innovation in the ATM space is accelerating. A combination of better technology and changing consumer expectations means the pace and complexity financial organisations now need to bring new products to market is considerably higher than it used to be. Automating testing using Reno-Test combined with the newly integrated ATMirage module will significantly boost how efficiently and effectively they are able to do so.”

María Ángeles Sierra, software development director at Cashware, said:

“The entire Cashware team is delighted with this agreement. By integrating ATMirage with Reno-Test, we are introducing a new and powerful testing solution to the market. The partnership generates a high value-added service for financial institutions and will improve the quality of their software as well as automate their testing requirements.”


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Over more than 25 years, Cashware has consolidated its position as a leading independent software company providing solutions to any problem or need for financial devices connectivity. Cashware has a wide offer of products oriented at providing connectivity solutions for financial devices, offering ad-hoc drivers or drivers compatible with any of the main standards in this field. Regarding ATMs, Cashware has developed both “multi-vendor” applications (using XFS and J/XFS), as well as numerous development environments (always as a company independent from the hardware manufacturers). ATMirage is a global ATM simulator that allows tests automation for self service applications. Cashware is a company based in Spain and has a distributor network that covers Western Europe, South and North America and Africa.

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