Atmirage more than an ATM simulator

ATM simulator

Atmirage is a test platform for Self Service Applications. It’s an XFS-based ATM simulator that allows testing of the self-service application by using a very customizable and user-friendly interface and with no need of having a real ATM, nor any hardware.

One of the most important advantages provided by Atmirage is the increased speed of the development process, as it won’t be necessary to test each version on a physical ATM.

One other significant benefit is the possibility of automating the tests. Besides only executing tests without the need of a physically present ATM, it’s also possible to do unattended tests.

The features of Atmirage are presented in the following video:

The whole testing completed by Atmirage with no human presence would save significant amount of working hours, being its estimate a challenge itself in case of an attended process.

Furthermore, series of reports and statistical data are being generated after each automated test run and this results in easier follow up of the application quality, the bugs and errors that have been detected, evidence of each test that has been executed, etc.

Atmirage offers the possibility to simulate, automatically the user inputs (card selection to operate, picking up the cash, etc.) as well as the different states of the devices (jams, physical errors, etc.).

The fact that these test plans are fully adapted to the user requirements, as well as that Atmirage can execute the test cases in a completely automated and unattended way, would guarantee the gain of tangible added value for any financial institution.

It would be necessary to consider one minimal investment in terms of time for the test automation. However, in just a few months the time dedicated to automating the test cases can be recovered due to the speed gained in the time spent executing the tests.

Let’s take this as an example, a client that has already defined hundreds of test cases will require more than one week and 4 testers working full time to execute the tests. After acquiring Atmirage licenses and after spending less than one month automating the test cases, this client would be able to run the same tests, automatically, in just 2 hours.

There are several clients where, thanks to Atmirage, have reduced the durations of the regression tests up to five times.

The good user experience of Atmirage allows the tests on this platform to be executed and automated even by people without programming knowledge. Any person that has experience regarding ATM testing can become an Atmirage user.

How to execute tests in the Atmirage ATM simulator?

There are two ways to do test with Atmirage: manually and automatically. To perform manual tests, the user can select one of the pre-defined ATMs or he can create one, by adding the elements present in the ATM that will be simulated, (touchscreen, card reader, cash dispenser, etc.).

Once this is done, it’s only a matter of launching the self-service application that needs to be tested and then, he will be able to start the manual testing as if he were standing right in front of a real ATM.

To create automated tests, the user would only need to record a series of manual tests and later parametrize them or add as much logic to the test as needed. Through Atmirage Testing Center the user can create and run unattended test cycles.

Finally, he will be able to get the results and, automatically create reports.

Summary of the advantages and key points of Atmirage.

      • A faster development process.
      • Application tests without the need of hardware.
      • Simulation of different ATM models that are highly configurable.
      • Easily simulate error cases (card or cash jam, physical errors, etc.).
      • Tests Automation.
      • Test design adapted to the needs of the application.
      • Great user experience.
      • The possibility to use it without technology, programming or XFS knowledge.
      • Creation of full reports of the tests, accompanied by corresponding results and evidence (screen, receipts, etc.).
      • Possibility for integration with other solutions.
      • Time and cost reduction:Development time (and associated cost) reduction (the test can be performed in the development workstation).

– Development time (and associated cost) reduction (the test can be performed in the development workstation).
– QA process time (and associated cost) reduction for each version release.
– Production failures reduction.
– Increase in income related to the production transactions (out of service ATMs represent a constant loss for the bank).
– Time reduction to apply patches or solutions in production (by reducing the previous testing time).

This is only a small summary about Atmirage and its functionalities. However, if you need any further details about how it works, please send us an email to: