Device and
ATM services

We offer specialized services to meet all connectivity needs at bank branches, ATMs and retail.

Development and consulting

We develop drivers (J/XFS, XFS, Xpeak or customized) for any device on the market.


We participate in consulting, development and QA projects with a highly-specialized degree of architecture in devices and in self-service.


We offer different development and consulting formulas:

On-site development

We provide specialized resources at the client’s facilities.

Customized development

We undertake full responsibility for the project. If necessary, we provide in-house products or solutions to meet specific requirements.


Our vast experience in device connectivity standards means we are one of the best-equipped companies to train on XFS, J/XFS and Xpeak.

We have designed a series of courses on the technology we are experts in to provide our clients and distributors with the knowledge and skills they need:

XFS Service Providers development in C/C++

J/XFS Device Services in Java

Xpeak Services development in Java

Application development based on device standards

Approval and testing

We offer services to our clients (manufacturers, software companies and banks) to help them conduct their approval tests for ATMs or J/XFS or XFS drivers.


To learn more about our devices and ATM services, write to us at